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Technologies & Solutions


Kami’s patented technology combines unique neural networks and machine learning algorithms to take Conversational AI to the next level.

By simulating human learning, the Kami engine is able to take data sets and create reasoning models that are applicable across contexts – thereby enabling Kami to learn faster and smarter.

Persistent, Long-Term Memory

With each interaction, Kami is able to gather more data about your personal traits and preferences. This data is used in a multitude of ways, but primarily it is used to provide you with the most engaging and personalized experience while interacting with Kami.

Deep Machine Reasoning

By utilizing machine learning and deep learning techniques, Kami is empowered with AI abilities that use your gathered data to provide relevant suggestions across a variety of conversational contexts and situations.

Meta Language

By using a specially curated Meta Language, Kami is starting to learn about the world around us in a way that machines can understand. By building the information database with this Meta Language, the knowledge is transferrable between conversations.


Dialogue that is natural and relevant provide a seamless interface to machines; elevating the user experience and ultimately earning user trust.

Kami helps businesses make smart, well-informed, and in-depth decisions by enabling and analysing conversations in real time.

Kami Relate

Kami Relate™ enables learning and knowledge building from every conversation. It is text and voice supported, running and compatible across messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack, Wechat, and is architected to support multiple languages.

Kami Analytics

Kami Analytics™ provide real-time conversation analytics, user segmentation and a testing platform to optimise efficiency and insights for the curator.

Dynamic Memory Network & Attention Analysis

The patented Dynamic Memory Network and Attention Analysis technologies greatly enhance the capabilities in both conversational context tracking and systematic reasoning from inferences.

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