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Kami is a deep-tech start-up developing a next generation trusted conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. Kami’s platform learns and builds knowledge from conversations, knows and remembers individuals and converses naturally & relevantly.

The Kami platform is a critical enabler to disrupt customer and advisory services and solves one of the most challenging problems in the BFSI sector (Banking, Finance, Securities, and Insurance), where superior quality dialogue, relationship and engagement are essential to building customer trust. Kami’s patented technologies, based on unique algorithms, enable virtual assistants to remember, reason and deliver contextualised responses. It also provides the critical analytics to build actionable insights.

Kami received ‘The Most Investible Company” accolade in the Start Planet Accelerator Program, and was awarded “The Best Startup” by ARM in Shanghai (Kami is currently a member of the ARM AI Ecosystem Consortium). In the AIconics Awards London, Kami was a finalist in four categories – Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation, Best Innovation in NLP, Best Application of AI in Enterprise and Best Chatbot Experience.

Kami is a StartPlanet NI alumni and was voted ‘Most Investible Company’ from the 2017 accelerator programme. Kami is also one of the 15 champion companies in the BOSCH Venture Forum 2017 (RBVC) and was Selected by the UK Department of International Trade as a member of the Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP).


Kami has the technology to empower major enhancements in the user experience, and we will continue to develop our innovative solutions to provide companies and individuals with the tools to change the conversation landscape. We will transform chats into intelligent conversations, and intelligent conversations in to insights that can generate real impact for businesses by creating meaning experiences and building trust through personalized and bespoke responses.

We will create an enterprise-friendly AI Conversational platform for companies and developers to build next-generation virtual assistants and chatbots for commercial deployment. Its open framework will enable virtual assistants with highly automated reasoning and decision-making process analysis. Development will be seamless with a software developer kit (SDK) for intent classification and entity extraction, and a ‘plug and play’ module for mobile application integration.

But Smart Conversations are only the first step. Kami’s bigger goal is to create an advanced machine reasoning engine that can be applied to all industries and applications – a truly smart AI that can power all machines. And it all starts with changing the human-machine experience.

Meet the team



Alex Cheung | Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur and experience IT professional with 20 years of service planning and IT design, development in both Europe and APAC region. A visionary who believes people could live smarter and better lives with trusted AI technologies.

A confident and concise leader, and a motivated team player competent in leading diverse teams and collaborating in multicultural environments.

Simon Ho | Co-Founder & Technical Director

With 10+ years of experience in technology research and web/mobile application design and development. Specialized in machine learning, system architecture design, technology research & software development and SaaS development & operation.

A self-driven engineer with passion, leading teams in multicultural environments.

Key Members

Eddie Lau | Principal Architect

Experienced IT professional with strong technical background on VLDB database administration and design, enterprise scale system design and implementation. An excellent team leader on new technologies evaluation and task force group aiming at urgent and critical missions.

Howard Cheng | Architect – Machine Learning

Holder of Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE 5 certification, with 10+ years of experience in developing enterprise-grade web applications with Java technologies. Strong background in Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Statistical Language Model

Samuel Tin | Software Architect

Over 16 years of IT experience and 13 years of which focused on java development. Possesses strong foundation on application development in equity risk management, portfolio management, Internet banking and CRM area. With abundant experience in client facing, project management and team leading.

Tony Tsang | Senior Architect – Machine Learning

Professional software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in site reliability engineering, software architect & development, automation, network design and security implementation, etc. Motivated and constantly developing skills and grow professionally. Always keep a close look on current industry trends and new technologies and skills for self-improvement and to stay current.


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