About Us

We apply our extensive research & development experience in natural language processing to empower the next generation of intelligent automation solutions.

Vision & Goals

Kami was established in 2016 with a simple goal — to use AI to create a better future.

Having won the ”Most Investable Company” award from StartPlanetNI Accelerator 2017, Kami was invited by the UK Department for International Trade to join the Global Entrepreneurs Programme (GEP).

After assessing a comparative lack of high-quality and cutting-edge NLP solutions in Asia, Kami returned to Hong Kong in Q4 2017 to begin developing Asian NLP frameworks, even publishing a research paper in December, 2018.

Today, we are working towards our goal by continually redefining what is possible in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). We plan to make our cutting-edge development tools and NLP frameworks available for all developers to use as the foundation for their automation projects across an array of functions and industries — everything from customer support to office administration and more.

Our focus is to be a Technology Enabler, and let other developers to build applications by empowering them with our Platform.

Our 4 Manifestos


To keep up on latest innovations and to develop cutting-edge technologies. By creating revolutionary new frameworks for NLP, and by facilitating their widespread adoption in commercial and business applications, we envision a future in which commerce can be friction-less.


To create AI that focuses on improving quality of life. Instead of replacing humans, our vision is to create symbiotic AI that can learn and collaborate with humans in a meaningful way and unlock the human potential.


To encourage our members to grow through continuous learning and self-development, not only for the benefit of Kami but also for themselves. We want our members to learn and grow with us together, and we endeavor to create an open working environment that promotes knowledge sharing and free thinking.


To develop solutions that solve age-old problems, withstand the test of time, and move forward with the era. Our mission to create open and accessible AI means that we always have one eye on the future as we solve the challenges of today.



June 1

Q4 2020 – Kami Taiwan Established

November 1

Q4 2019 – Anchor Project Commencement

March 1

Q1 2019 – Alpha Minimum Viable Platform Launch

February 1

Q1 2019 – ETNet Fintech Awards 2018 – Winner of “Outstanding Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Conversational Solution”

August 1

Q3 2018 – Intel AI Builder Partner

July 1

Q3 2018 – Joined Nvidia Inception Program

September 1

Q3 2017 – Oversubscribed Pre-A Round

August 1

Q3 2017 – AIconics 2017 – Finalist in Four Award Categories – “Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation”, “Best Innovation in NLP”, “Best Application of AI in Enterprise” & “Best Chatbot Experience”

April 1

Q2 2017 – ARM Accelerator – Winner of “Best Startup” Award

January 1

Q1 2017 – Joined UK Department for International Trade “Global Entrepreneur Programme”

July 1

Q3 2016 – StartPlanetNI Accelerator – Winner of “Most Investable Company” Award

Our Leaders

Alex Cheung
Founder & CEO

Chief Executive Officer, Founder of Kami Intelligence, and co-inventor of key AI technologies such as an externalised Dynamic Memory Network and user behaviour-based contextual tracking. 20+ years’ experience in leadership and commercial software deployment positions at companies like Travelzen, Synaptic Technologies, and Cherrypicks. Managed numerous successful software development projects including the HKEX Trade System, Octopus Card Clearing System, and Riskpro©.

Technical Director, Co-Founder of Kami Intelligence, and co-inventor of key AI technologies such as an externalised Dynamic Memory Network and user behaviour-based contextual tracking, currently leading research & development of Kami’s core machine learning and reasoning algorithms. 15+ years’ experience in software architecture design and development, including 9+ years leading large scale system design on IBM’s Web Mail Cloud. B.Sc and M.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong.