CITIC Telecom CPC’s Solutions Day 2018 gathered top ICT experts and industry leaders to unleash the power of smart technologies and innovation for enterprises.

Digital transformation is the backbone of success for any burgeoning enterprise in today’s tech-savvy world. Earlier July, CITIC Telecom CPC, an industry leader in the field, hosted its Solutions Day 2018 to further propel the advancement of smart technologies.

Top industry leaders were invited to the event to share the latest trends and advances in digital technologies, including experts from CITIC Telecom CPC’s business partners EBSL, EventXtra, Fortinet, KAMI.AI, Mezzofy, Riverbed and Veeam, unveiling a new paradigm of global IT infrastructures with innovative technologies.

Daniel Kwong, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of CITIC Telecom CPC, shed light on how ‘Innovative Smart Infra Paths Your Way to Digital Globalization’. “In today’s new digital era where competition is fiercer than ever, enterprises have to always and rapidly adapt to the business changes in order to stay competitive in the market,” says Kwong. “Innovative infrastructure accelerates business expansion. Enterprises should look for one that supports an open-standard, high flexibility and security by design, and is able to handle mesh data.”

“Innovation is the key to solve the problems of tomorrow,” agrees James Halberstadt, Managing Director of CITIC Telecom CPC Europe as he explained how ‘Innovation Connects Your Business of Tomorrow’. “Stepping into the future, it is paramount for enterprises to utilize digitalization on a global scale in order to truly advance.”

Rob Koepp, Director of The Economist, moved on to explore a closely related issue: how Asia is digitally transforming economies. “Asia exerts strong digital dominance. It has a towering mobile dominance which has 3.7x more mobile subs than the next biggest region,” says Koepp. “China is increasingly driving ecommerce via mcommerce. Mobile digital technology is the new point of contest for enterprises today.”

Mobile digital technology aside, it is imperative for enterprise to understand how a secure and high performance network will lay the foundation of success and boost their operation efficiency. Lim Wong, Solution Architect of Greater China of Riverbed Technology, looked at the role of SDWAN in digital transformation. “With cloud services and SaaS rising in importance, enterprise WAN is more important than ever,” says Wong. “The combination of WAN optimization and software-defined control provides the performance and agility needed for today’s business.”

Great security goes hand in hand with a stellar network. Nick Ng, Security Solutions Manager of Fortinet Inc., explained how security is crucial for enterprises’ digital transformation journey. “FortiGuard utilizes a revolutionary AI security system which enables it to learn from our enormous database of viruses which is one of the largest in the world,” says Ng. “This enables it to predict upcoming threats and future viruses, exposing them on day zero.”

A trustworthy backup source such as cloud is the bread and butter of A-list enterprises, and Ivan Siu, Sr. Regional Systems Engineering Manager of Veeam Software, gave ‘5 Ways to Enable Digital Transformation in Hybrid Cloud’. “A successful cloud must be able to avoid data loss, have high visibility, and enable predictive measures,” says Siu. “Fast recovery, capacity planning and forecast, and automated test recovery are also highly important functions.”

In addition to the fundamentals of digital transformation, riveting topics such as exploring digital business, AI, marketing techs, and customer experience journeys were also included, giving enterprises a dynamic insight of how to propel their digital competence and business values to a new height.

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