LONDON, United Kingdom, December 12 2017 –

KAMI, an award-winning conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, announced an over-subscribed seed investment round of US$1.7 million. This includes investments from ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator Limited, a subsidiary of Softbank, X Technology Fund (HKX) and Tin Fu Fund, set up by Founder Joe Butt, former Director of Unisplendour Technology Limited. The company also announced today that Carl Chen, the Strategic Business Development Director of ARM Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Limited, will be appointed as a Strategic Advisor.

As a deep-tech specialist in the space of AI and Software Engineering, KAMI creates literate machines that can reason, remember and communicate. This strategic investment enables further research and development of its technology platform which combines unique neural networks and machine learning algorithms, pivotal to taking Conversational AI to the next level.

KAMI was awarded the ‘Most Investible Company’ accolade in the StartPlanet NI 2017 Accelerator program and was selected to join the Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) by the UK Department of Industry and Trade and Level 39, Europe’s largest fin-tech accelerator. KAMI was a Finalist in the AI AIconics Award 2017, an international Artificial Intelligence contest, in four categories – Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation, Best Innovation in NLP, Best Application of AI in the Enterprise and Best Chatbot Experience. KAMI is also one of the fifteen champion companies in the BOSCH Venture Forum 2017 (RBVC) and Winner of the “Best Startup” Award in the ARM Demo Day 2017.

“Development of the AI market has been phenomenal and we strongly believe that KAMI’s unique technologies in the AI Conversational arena are critical enablers to innovate and reinvigorate many businesses. Together with their solid team, management experience and dedication, we are confident of the ability to deliver on their vision.” said Professor Guanhua Chen, Co-Founder of HKX.

KAMI’s CEO, Alex Cheung commented, “We are delighted that our notable investors have validated our vision to change the conversation and disrupt the conversational AI landscape. KAMI is focused on delivering the next generation AI conversational platform so businesses can reinvent their customer and advisory services. Superlative dialogue and exchange is crucial to building customer trust and meeting global business demands and KAMI has the expertise to deliver this.”

KAMI has developed a truly powerful reasoning platform with super strong memorising ability and sentiment-attention analysis. Their patented external Dynamic Memory Network technology and Attention Analysis technologies greatly enhance capabilities in conversational context tracking and systematic reasoning. KAMI’s unique meta-language enables decision making across multiple business scenarios by analysing context and inferences.” said Carl Chen, ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator Limited.

KAMI is focused on the banking, finance, securities and insurance sectors where there is a paramount emphasis on trust and client relationships. The platform enables virtual assistants and chatbots to engage in intuitive, human-like dialogue that not only understands conversation context but also remembers conversation history. Dialogue that is natural and relevant provides a seamless interface to elevate the user experience and ultimately, to earn trust. KAMI helps businesses make smart, well-informed and in-depth decisions by analysing these conversations in real time.

KAMI RelateTM provides contextual conversation so it remembers what customers say, understands embedded meanings and switches between context naturally – just like talking to a real person. Text and voice supported, it seamlessly integrates with major instant messaging channels including Facebook Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack and Wechat. Architected to support multiple languages, it saves on time and resources for global deployments.

KAMI AnalyticsTM segments users by speech and actions, creates templates and performs cohort analysis. It drives user engagement, retention and conversation through the ongoing user journey and speech optimisation and provides a platform for A/B testing to optimise chatbot efficiency. Development is easy with a software developer kit (SDK) and ‘plug and play’ module for mobile application integration.

About KAMI:

KAMI is a deep-tech start-up developing a next generation trusted conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. KAMI’s platform learns and builds knowledge from conversations, knows and remembers individuals and converses naturally & relevantly. It is a critical enabler to disrupt customer and advisory services where superior quality dialogue and exchange is essential to building customer trust. Its patented technologies based on unique algorithms, enable virtual assistants to remember, reason and deliver contextualised responses. It also provides the critical analytics to build actionable insights. KAMI is a StartPlanet NI alumni and was voted ‘Most Investible Company’ from the 2017 accelerator programme. It is also one of the 15 champion companies in the BOSCH Venture Forum 2017 (RBVC) and Winner of ‘Best Startup’ Award in the ARM Demo Day 2017.
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About ARM Accelerator:

ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator (“ARM Accelerator”) is the only innovation and acceleration platform featured in ARM’s abundant ecosystem resources. ARM Accelerator focuses on developing AI and IoT ecosystems by concentrating on helping technology-driven startups connect with relevant resources, such as investment institutions, sales channels, and publicity channels. ARM Accelerator is a total one-stop service for all, helping venture capitalists connect to the most investable startups, helping large enterprises to find the right innovative projects to grow their business, and helping startups to reach commercialization. ARM was recently acquired by SoftBank Group in the largest ever purchase of a European technology company.
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About Hong Kong X:

The Hong Kong X-Tech Startup Platform (“Hong Kong X”) is a Hong Kong-based startup organization aimed at exploring the potential of technological innovations among young Hong Kong entrepreneurs while supporting the transfer of knowledge from university laboratories to the local economy. The Platform was co-founded in July 2016 by Mr. Neil Shen of Sequoia Capital China, Prof. Zexiang Li of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Prof. Guanhua Chen of University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong X is dedicated to promoting an
entrepreneurial and technological culture by connecting established ‘super professors’, young students and technology leaders with capital and expert advice.
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