Empowering Machines
To Understand You Better


A Revolutionary New Approach to Conversational AI!

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are commonly recognized Conversational AI solutions currently available in the market. But most natural language systems are taught to understand commands rather than conversations.

KAMI’s Conversational AI architecture is designed to empower machines with the abilities of
understanding and generating natural dialogue.

Traditional Conversational AI

  • Data Hungry
  • Poor Contextual Understanding
  • Limited by Pre-Scripted Responses

KAMI’s Conversational AI

  • Small Data Learning
  • Holistic Contextual Understanding
  • Natural Language Generation


A Scalable Platform for Intelligent Robo-Advisors

A revolutionary Robo-Advisor Platform (RAP) built on KAMI’s Conversational AI architecture. Anyone can build, train, and deploy virtual agents for a multitude of diverse applications. KAMI’s RAP is designed to make the process of creating and managing virtual agents easier.

Intel AI Builders

Trained Language Model

Our system features a shared pre-trained language model that makes it easier for you to create and manage new virtual assistants by simply adding your unique information

Intel AI Builders

Smarter Reasoning

The RAP leverages Kami’s architecture to perform holistic contextual analysis including and beyond user utterances.

Intel AI Builders

Dynamic Responses

Robo-advisors can generate relevant, tailored, and smart responses for each query, providing users with a richer experience

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