Intelligent Machine Conversation

Start your digital transformation with KAMI

Intelligent Machine Conversation

Start your digital transformation with conversation

Intelligent Machine Conversation

Start your digital transformation with conversation

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Let your imagination do the work!

Enhance Employee Productivity
  • Automate daily business processes
  • Address your staff inquiry
  • Create trustable checks & balances
Humanise Your Customer Service
  • Next-Gen customer experience
  • Identify customer needs
  • Deliver highly personalised customer engagement
Increase Your Digital Outreach
  • Recommend contextualised product details
  • Automate after-sales support
  • Track customer engagement metrics

How to Get Started

1. Design

Work with our team to pick and design a simple use case to start a proof-of-concept project

2. Commission

Commission our team to build your designed proof-of-concept

3. Build

Just 2 weeks on average to complete a simple proof-of-concept

4. Benchmark

Test, monitor and benchmark your new chatbot to see how it performs

5. Scale

If you’re happy with the results, continue the conversation with us to scale your digital transformation

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Coming Soon

Kami Studio© public launch is coming in near future

What makes Kami Studio© Special?

Designed by Developers, for Developers

Our Studio provides an intuitive and unified development environment for anyone to get started on their intelligent automation journey.

Proprietary Kami A.I. Platform

Our Platform is powered by our custom developed NLP Engine, enabling powerful AI functions such as precise Intent Classification and Name Entity Recognition to facilitate all your automation needs.

Improving AI

Our promise to our users is that we will never stop trying for the next breakthrough to keep you one step ahead of the competition. Our unique AI functions such as Contextual Responses are designed to help you create a personalized experience for your customers.

Enterprise Ready

Our Studio includes group management, data encryption security, and project collaboration features making it ideal and ready to service small teams and enterprises.

Third-Party Software Interoperability

Design your Bots to interoperate and integrate with other software robots and legacy enterprise management tools to create truly end-to-end automation applications.

Community Development

We are creating a thriving ecosystem of stakeholders to catalyse the intelligent automation industry. Join the community and get new inspirations!

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