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Office Administration Agent

Boost your staff productivity & create automatic checks & balances

Self-Service Customer Support Agent

Improve your customer service satisfaction and reduce operation costs

Online Travel Agent

Increase your digital outreach and engage with customers through new channels

and many more…

What makes our Bots special?

  • Cutting-edge AI
    Kami Bots leverage our custom-built NLP engine, enabling precise intent classification, name entity recognition, multi-lingual support, and natural language generation.

    Stay tuned as we will be releasing many more exciting upgrades to our engine to improve your bots!

  • Interoperability & Extensibility
    Kami Bots are the frontier of your digital workforce, designed to interoperate and integrate with both legacy software and current generation automation software.

    Enabling end-to-end automation in your digital transformation!

  • Ease-of-use
    Everything with Kami Bots is easier, everything is designed to provide you with the ultimate user experience. Development cycles are made transparent and simple with our Development Studio©, and KPIs are easy to track with our Administration Console©.

    Working with chatbots have never been easier!

Key Features






User Management

Integrated Deployment Channels

Session History & Auditing

Dashboard Reporting

How To Get Started

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Work with our team to pick and design a simple use case to start a proof-of-concept project


Commission our team to build your designed proof-of-concept


Just 2 weeks on average to complete a simple proof-of-concept


Test, monitor and benchmark your new chatbot to see how it performs


If you’re happy with the results, continue the conversation with us to scale your digital transformation

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If you prefer to start your Automation Journey alone

The Kami Platform© is launching soon!
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Kami Platform©Development Studio© and Administration Console©
public launch coming soon…

Development Studio©

Designed by developers, for developers

A home to manage your projects. From storyboard designing to full-scale deployment, everything you need to manage your development cycle and chatbot creation can be done on the Development Studio.

Administration Console©

Real business insights

A management dashboard to display all your metrics. From traffic usage reports to customer engagement reports, review KPIs and understand the value of your agents like never before!